Bruno Mars EDI

Bon Coeur x Royal Classic

Black 17h 3yr Stallion


Bruno Mars EDI is an exceptional young stallion that 

leaves little to be desired.  His gaits are exceptional in every way.  In addition to his phenomenal gaits, he has a bombproof mind and temperament is everything anyone would want in a horse.  He is truly in a class of his own. 


He will be highly competitive for the young horse classes and shows tremendous power for the upper levels.  A once in a lifetime horse.  

His sire, Bon Coeur, was premium stallion in the 2014 Verden licensing.  He has a superior hind leg mechanic which he passes onto his offspring. He is well known for his elasticity and natural uphill movement.  All traits he clearly passed onto Bruno.

Bruno is shown here only on his 10th ride under saddle, and is already exceptional in every way.  In addition, his conformation, mind and exceptional gaits will be highly appreciated for training in the top of the sport.