Furst Wilhelm x Quaterback 


Flirt EDI

This licensed stallion oozes quality and charisma.  His gaits leave little to be desired.  He moves with shoulder freedom coupled with impulsion in the canter and a clear and rhythmic walk. At just 2 1/2 years old his compact outline coupled with his extraordianry gaits make hims a top prospect for sport and/or breeding.  He comes out of super dressage bloodlines 

His bloodlines need no introduction.  Furst Wilhelm is a decorated champion impressing judges since his licensing.  His damsire- Quaterback has produced some of the best Grand Prix horses of our lifetime.  Flirt combines the qualities of both sides of his bloodlines with elegance from his sire and strength being from his damsire.  

He is elegant, kind and a super mover. He is licensed Mecklenburg and will be presented for testing and further approvals in 2021.  


Furst Wilhelm x Quaterback

Color: Dark Bay

Date of birth: 2018

Height: 167cm

Stud fee: TBD


Approved for Mecklenburg