Davinci EDI

De Martio x Laudilas
Rising 9yr old  GP Prospect

16h  Hanoverian Gelding
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Davinci is a rising GP star with loads of talent and capability for fei. A rare opportunity to own a once-in-a-lifetime horse.   A talented and expressive horse with endless capacity to meet the needs of a competitive U25 rider, young rider or ambitious amateur rider looking to show at the highest level or ride an incredibly beautiful and talented horse.

 Davinci has an exceptional  piaffe and shows effortless tempi changes and easy pirouettes.  A talented and still young fei prospect in a perfect black coat with matching white socks.  He's just dreamy.  He was just imported and comes with a complete new vet check and x rays.  

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7d1417a1-fb13-4e30-bab9-aae95ec3b054 2.JPG