Benji EDI

Don Index x Furst Nymphemburg
2015 16.2h Black
FEI PSG Ready + Schooling all GP
TOP quality horse

Disney is an elite international quality superstar.  He has exquisite gaits and and the most extraordinary demeanor.  At the ripe age of seven he is already showing all of the necessary movements to thrive at the highest lwvel of the sport.  What makes him even more interesting is his ridebility.  Although the quality is suitable for a professional, his ride ability his is one of the best young horse we've had to date.  The canter can only be described as riding a cloud.  He has huge ground cover and elasticity.  In the trot, he moves with shoulder freedom and exquisite knee activity.  His hindleg is always active and under him, a necessary attribute to be used down the road.  He has a clear walk with overtrack.  


An opportunity to develop one of the easiest and most talented youngsters to date.   


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