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(Don Index  x  Don Frederico )

2014 17h Black Hanoverian Gelding

Dom is an undisputed international quality gelding with everything it takes to compete in the International FEI.  He is an exemplary Grand Prix prospect in every way.  He also happens to be an absolute gentleman.  He has a remarkable ability to collect, exceptional gaits, elasticity, rideablity, looks, wow-factor and temperament.   He is precisely what EDI looks for.  Dom has the capability for the international ring, with enough quality for a pro but the rideability a capable amateur looks for.

Dom is a model example of performance potential coupled with a kind demeanor.  His temperament is so good you forget he is only a 5 year old.  He has superb hind leg activity, ease of collection and a 10 for a walk.  He is already excelling in training and schooling changes, half-passes, counter canter and walk pirouettes with ease.  He also has a remarkable ability for the piaffe/passage.  A true dressage horse for the ambitious rider.  His physical attributes and mind make him an ideal candidate for the upper levels.


His sire, Don Index  was a premium stallion, winning his performance test in 2010 the sire of the top selling foals at the Hannoverian Elite Foal Auction.  He himself is described as "a true wining type" and  "always endowed with the right attitude".   His dam-sire Don Frederico was the Hanoverian Stallion Licensing champion in 1999 and the runner up at performance testing.  He and his progidy have proven again and again to be one of the Hanoverian's most elite. 

He is sure to make any competitive dressage rider dreams come true

IMG_3410 3.JPG
Canter picture of top-fei quality young horse inS