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(Escolar x Escudo )

2016 Black/Bay Imported 16.3h Gelding

Empire is an exceptionally talented young dressage star in the making.  He is already at five years old showing remarkable talent for the sport.  He has clean changes and has begin some half steps with talent.   One for the big arena for sure! He has a very powerful hind leg coupled with great knee action and ground covering gaits.  He has a very kind temperament and will be a phenomenal upper level horse for an ambitious amateur or pro looking for quality, looks, and a great mind.   He is completely bombproof and is happy to go to work or go on a trail.  He is equally as cuddly.  


Like his sire, he has a particularly correct walk and canter.   His trot is very elastic and he already shows great ability for the collected work and pia/pa.  He commands all eyes on him with his charming looks and relaxed demeanor.