(Furstenball  x  Rotspon x De Niro)

2015 16.3h Bay Hanoverian Imported Gelding

International Quality 

Furst Love EDI aka Lovey is a once in a lifetime horse for any rider.  He is one of the easiest horses EDI has ever imported and his amazing demeanor is coupled with gaits suitable for the international arena.  A superior horse for and Adult Amateur or professional looking for a rideable, and elite moving horse to compete or enjoy at home.  He is the exact same horse at home than in competition.  Always willing.  His gaits leave little to be desired.  He has a superior walk with a huge ground covering and uphill canter and an elastic trot that's drool worthy.  He is soft in the connection and very adaptable with each rider.  Really the whole package.  

His sire, Furstenball was the Oldenburg champion at his licensing and has sired more than 60 licensed stallions and hundreds of sport horses from elite youngsters all the way to Grand Prix.  He stamps his  offspring with a superior temperament, rideability and beauty.

His damsire, Rotspon a winner of the 300 day stallion performance test  passes on his supple and swinging trot onto Lovey.  Lastly, De Niro is in a category of this own.  A champion and Grand Prix producing sire over an over again.  All in all, Furst Love has the perfect breeding combination for performance and rideability, and it is evident in every ride.  


Furst Love EDI has an extensive and very nice set of new x rays along with a superior clinical exam.  He is sure to make someone very happy.    

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