Imperious Black EDI

Desperado x Special D

8 yr old KPWN Gelding

Black is an elegant and gifted mover.  He is able to utilize his body to move with great ease and self-carriage making him a top prospect for a young rider or a competitive AA or professional looking to fine tune him into the FEI star he deserves to be.

He was owned and trained by a young girl and therefore the movements are still a bit green.  That leaves his untapped talent up for grabs.  He is a ladies horse in every way. Light, in-tune to the rider, supple, forward and kind.  He's like riding a cloud.

Like his sire, he has Grand Prix movements.  His ability to passage is remarkable.  His canter is smooth and uphill and his walk is clear and has significant over-track.  

A true FEI star in the making!