(Negro x Lord Leatherdale)

2016 Black Gelding

Lancelot "Lance" is exceptionally well bred young gelding that oozes charisma and is excelling in his dressage career.   His many-times-over proven pedigree speaks for itself, with Negro as his Sire and Lord Leatherdale as his grandsire.  

Lance has been incredible since starting his work under saddle.  He is supple in his body and very easy to ride. He already enjoys trails and shows tremendous potential for the big arena.  

Negro is the sire of Valegro and has confirmed his value as a sire of top dressage talent.  Negro offspring have proven time and again that they have the talent for the FEI work and he is currently ranked 8th on the WBFSH Dressage Sire Rankings.  An exceptional canter, active hindleg, and talent for collection are consistent across his offspring.

Like his father Lance is already exceptional ability in his gaits, with a loving temperament to match.    He has a super hind leg with elastic trot and a correct and rhythmic walk.  He is a FEI candidate and a phenomenal 4 year old ready for the young horse classes.