Soul EDI

San Amour x Florencio 
10 yr Rheinlander
Grand Prix Ready

An absolute needle in a haystack!!! Gnuintly a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy a Grand Prix ready here at a super age with top gaits, mind, ridebility and vetting.  He is what every dressage rider dreams of riding, showing and enjoying.  Little is left to be desired on this black beauty.


His sire, San Amour ranks amongst the top 10 dressage sires in the world.  And like his sire, Soul has extraordinary rideability matched only to his quality in al the gaits and intense ability to master all the GP moments at a young age. 


Owed by an amateur his whole life, until his recent GP training, he is a horse than anyone can enjoy.  


A top GP prospect for an amateur rider, young rider, U25 or a horse for any professional to enjoy the big ring in! 

Soul will be making his way to USA soon! Pre-purchase options available.