Stiletto EDI

Sensation x Lauries Crusador XX
2018 Hanoverian Gelding


Stilletto is a stunning modern dressage horse on track to develop into the next generation of superstars.  Stiletto EDI fits his name.  A leggy elegant type, that has a stunning top-line and big soft eyes.  The elegant modern type faclitates big expressive, almost Spyder like movement.  His soft eyes and temperament are a window to his soul. He is a kind horse that is always trying and enjoys cuddling on a daily basis.  This prospect is a top talent that will be a joy to develop through the levels.  A raw talent with a splendid exterior and gorgeous desirable attitude with lovely movement making him a valuable asset to any capable amateur wanting a nice youngster or professional/producer who want a sound investment.

It's rare to find such a kind yet talented youngster in such a modern and gorgeous exterior.  

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