"I am so happy with my new horse form Exclusive Dressage Imports, Dreamy EDI!!!  Jessica and Joseph are both so professional and honest, great people to worth with.  All of the horses are lovely quality and temperament.  You really cant go wrong!  They also take care to make a good match between horse and rider, which I really appreciate.  I cant wait to see what is in store for me and my big brown unicorn, and I cant thank EDI enough for getting us together!!!


- Bought Dreamy EDI in 2019 

- Bought Blue in 2021

- Bought Empire in 2022


"Looking for your next dressage partner?  I wholeheartedly recommend EDI.  Jessica and Joseph are professional all the way... Absolutely honest, have such a good eye for picking quality horses with excellent temperaments.  I couldn't be more happy with my recent purchase of Prince.  I would buy another horse from them in a heartbeat.  They truly love horses and clearly love wha they do!  Thank you Jessica and Joseph!

Carolyn from Montana

- Bought Prince, Jumanji, Bently, Cadiz & Fara in 2018-2022

Prince EDI sold to Carolyn Bellamah

"I have to tell you Ember is such a treasure.  Im enjoying him so much. Amateur friendly but so talented. More than I ever hoped for."

Melanie McCury

Bought Ember in 2022

Gorgeous Oldenburg gelding by Bordeaux SOLD by Exclusive Dressage Imports

"I’m so ecstatic about my  recent purchase of Bonsai. A 7 year old Oldenburg gelding from Exclusive Dressage Imports.  Bo is everything we could hope to find in a horse.  He’s so fun to work with, has a big heart that never says no and is both Beautiful and kind.  I highly recommend Exclusive Dressage Imports to anyone looking for a quality horse with a superb temperament. Jessica is a pleasure to deal with has a keen eye for finding talent, ride-ability and beauty in all the horses she has for sale. It was a very smooth and honest transaction and I couldn’t be happier!"

Carol from California

- Bought Bonsai in 2016


"I am so happy with the horse I bought from you.  You matched him perfectly with my level of riding ability.  He is so sweet and has had the best training from your trainer Joseph Newcomb.  Exclusive Dressage Imports are the best. Thank you!"

Karen Davis from Texas 

- Bought Amore in 2015

Absolute Amore PRE Gelding Sold by Exclusive Dressae Imports

"Honest, straight forward people.  Quality horses! What else do you need?"

Marie Medosi 

- Trainer at Arroyo del Mar

Frantz by Foundation.  Imported oldenburg geldng by Foundation sold by www.exclusivedressageimports.com

"I recently purchased my new dressage partner from EDI and couldn't be more pleased with how everything turned out.  Jessica and Joseph were instrumental in making it a smooth and successful experience.  Their honesty and hard work is apparent and I wouldn't hesitate to work with them again."

Erin from Oregon

- Bought Fantast in 2017

Fantast EDI by Furst Piccolo sold by Exclusive Dressage Imports
Freddie EDi by Foundation

"Hi Jessica, I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with my recent purchase of MY 3 year old gelding. He is an absolute dream with incredible athleticism/movement and an amazing temperament! I do have to say that you have a special touch in finding wonderful/talented horses. Thank you!" 


Kathy from San Diego

- Bought Freddie in 2017

Thank you very much! I'm absolutely loving working with Designer and Cindy, they are a great match. I will definitely contact you next time I have a client shopping for a new horse.  It was a pleasure.

Tenna Hansen

- Trainer LA Area

Designer EDI imported gelding sold
"I couldn't be happier with Designer and the entire experience with the team at EDI.  I contacted Jessica when I saw his video, and she promptly got back to me, my trainer and I tried him out.  He was so sweet and a blast to ride.  We made an offer and had a deal that evening.  They enabled the vetting process to go quickly and we picked up Designer the following weekend.  He's been a champ.  Quiet in the turnout and the best work ethic.  He has a very sweet disposition and loves to cuddle.  He's a real testament to Jessica's and Joseph's philosophy and "eye" in buying an training horses.  I would certainly turn to them again, or refer any friends that wanted a dressage partner."
Cynthia Morrison
- Bought Designer 2018
Axel EDI Dutch Warmblood sold
"Thank you  so much!!! Axel is truly everything we were looking for."
Kira and Axel
- Bought Axel 2018

I’m spelling love “F.... I ...N...N...Y...” tonight. For Finland ( aka Finny) is a 2103 Oldenburg gelding I fell In love with during a search for my next dressage partner after retiring my beloved Ella at my Uncle Jim and aunt Tamara’s lovely home in Texas. I want to send a very special thank you to Jessica Umansky Greenstein and Joseph Newcomb of Exclusive Dressage Imports for importing such a special gelding and making the purchasing process a great experience. I can’t recommend them enough if you’re looking for your next horse. Jess and Joseph, you will always have friends in Pittsburgh. Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!!!! 

Christina and Finny

- Bought in 2018

For Finland EDI sold to Christina Varosso

"Frantz, 2014 Oldenburg Gelding imported from Exclusive Dressage Imports, is my dream horse.  I am so grateful to have found him.  He is so incredibly sweet, social, hard working, and has a ton of potential.  I look forward to our long-term partnership together!  Exclusive Dressage Imports really has an eye for quality, and they are great to work with. Horsemanship is valued there, and they don't settle for anything less than excellence.  They are honest and nice people and ae so understanding.  I highly recommend pursuing the search process for you next competition horse with EDI!" 


Grace Walker 

- Bought Frantz in 2018

" Hi, I'm Joseph's mom and it has been an incredible journey to watch Joseph and Jessica develop EDI.  It is great to see hard work and honesty pay off."

Joelyn Newcomb 

- Client & Joseph's mom

PSG gelding sold by Exclusive Dressage Imports

" Officially in LOVE with San Fiori.  So thankful to have met the wonderful, kind, honest people behind Exclusive Dressage Imports."

- Bought San Fiori 2018

" I can't even begin to tell you what a great experience I had working with Jessica and Joseph to purchase my new horse Fortune!!! The one thing I learned in life is stick to what you know. What I know is that the best dressage horses are coming from Europe.  What I don't know is who has them and where to find them. That's where you have to go to the experts and I have to say that would be Jessica and Joseph. They have done so much ground work learning the horse market in Europe over the years they have been doing this and it absolutely shows in the horses they bring over.  I think I could have easily spent more than half my budget flying back and forth to Europe and I still wouldn't know whether I was buying the right horse or not.  I have to give Jessica and Joseph my sincerest respect for all that the hard work and lessons they have learned so that we here in the US can have an opportunity to purchase these amazingly beautiful horses without the uncertainty of that goes with shopping in Europe.  That's worth every penny to me!!! Oh and did I mention the through vetting these guys do as well.  If you are looking for your dream horse and want to work with the most honest and knowledgeable people in the business take my advice and work with EDI.  Keep up the great work guys!!! So happy to heave had the opportunity to work with yo! You found me a horse that dreams are made of. "

Sandra Portney 

- Bought Fortune 2019

Imported hanoverian gelding sod by Exclusive Dressage Imports.
Avery Brown 1-2020-3945.jpg

"I cannot thank you enough! I am SO excited about this horse.  I am so so so grateful for this experience. Buying a horse has never been such a joy."


"Just a quick note to say that S'wonderful EDI continues to be astonishingly awesome!"

Avery Brown

- Bought Showmaster aka- S'wonderful in 2019, Beckham in 2020 & Indy 2022



- Bought Serengeti in 2020


"I can't thank you enough for making the acquisition of my beautiful black unicorn so pleasant. From our initial conversation about Del Rey EDI to your lovely hospitality in California and monitoring each step of his journey East, you made the process seamless. He impresses me everyday with his mature attitude.  The future with Delhi looks very bright! Thank you Jessica!"

Amy Jones 

- Bought Del Rey EDI 2020, Fetiny & Jetty 2022

"Lance is a very kind horse with a generous heart and exceptional movement.  We are so happy for the wonderful start that Joseph Newcomb gave him. Thank you so much."

Susan Nielsen

- Bought Lancelot EDI in 2020

Sold gelding by EDI

"Thank you EDI for making my dream come true.  I can't believe I own such a beautiful creature.  It truly is a once in a lifetime horse.  Both Jess and Joseph made this whole transition so smooth and easy.  Saint is not only gorgeous, talented and fun to rude but he also has the perfect temperament for an AA.  A testament to both Jess and Joseph for choosing such high quality, safe and sane equine partners.  I cant thank you enough for this amazing opportunity to ride such a wonderful horse.  The skies the limit thanks to you!!!"

Alyssa McMillan 

- Bought Saint in 2019


"So happy I bought this star!."

Aubrie Miller

- Bought Soulmate EDI in 2022

Sold gelding by Exclusive Dressage Imports