EDI now offers an online video shopping experience for clients looking to save financially by buying directly with our selection of EDI recommended horses.  Unline other sellers, we have flown to Europe and personally selected only the best horses.  


ALL of the horses on this page have been ridden by EDI's professional (Joseph Newcomb) and an amateur to provide the most accurate review.  We ONLY post horses that we would ourselves buy or recommend to a client.  Purchasing in this way, saves clients money, travel and greatly reduces the risk of buying from unknown sellers whose videos are often greatly edited.


Think of us as your personalized sales concierge for top-notch European horses. 

If your looking for something not on this page or our already imported horses, go to our Custom Horse Shopping questionnaire and we will work with you personally to find you your perfect unicorn.  

Exact pricing upon request 

$  ($25,000 - $35,000) or € (19,000 - 27,000)

$$ ($35,000 - $45,000) or € (27,000 - 35,000)

$$$ ($45,000 - $55,000) or € (35,000 - 42,000)

$$$$ ($55,000 – $70,000) or € (42,000 - 54,000)

$$$$$  ($75,000 - $90,000) or € (57,000 - 69,000)

Elite (+$90,000) or € (70,000+)

Young Horses

2015 Dark Pleasure x Bordeaux  Black Stallion 16h

  • EDI REVIEW:  Beautiful black stallion (can be gelded) with compact conformation and 4 perfect white socks!  Super temperament, calm and although green, very easy to ride.   He has a quick and active hind leg.  The perfect gentleman for a lady amateur that wants a  quality young horse to develop.  

    • Price range $ or 

2015 Everdale x Jazz Jet Black 16.2h

  • EDI REVIEW:  Once in a lifetime young horse for a professional to develop all the way to the top.  International quality.  One of the best moving horses we have ever seen.  Just backed, and video shows his second ride ever.  It's clear this horse belongs in the big international arena.  For a serious buyer only.

    • Price ELITE - Serious Buyers only 

2015 Chagall x Don Primarie Liver Chesnut Stallion 16.2-3
  • EDI Review: A WOW young stallion with everything you could want.  Dark liver chesnut with four white socks, lovely personality and supurb gaits.  Just being backed and looking amazing under saddle.  Price will increase as he is trained under saddle.

    • Price $$$$ or €€€€

2015 Ferdeaux x Lancet Dark Bay Stallion 16.2h

  • EDI REVIEW:  Breathtaking young stallion (can be gelded) with perfect manners and a super sweet temperament.  Not backed yet but ready to get started.  Super lofty trot with suspension and knee activity, beautiful balanced canter and a solid walk make this boy a super prize for a picky amateur or young professional.  He is of course green, but very well behaved and developed in movement and conformation.  

    • Price range $$ or €€

2014 De Niro x Future Black Gelding 16.2-16.3h

  • EDI REVIEW:  Good looking young horse for a professional on a budget.  Not spooky or difficult but not for a beginner either.  Good gaits, uphill canter with jump, nice to collect and come back on the hind leg. Good walk and trot.

    • Price $$ or €€

2014 Satchmo (Blue Horse Zack) x Sorento Dark Bay Westfalian Approved Stallion

  • EDI REVIEW: Approved Wesfalian stallion with a an impeccable temperament and beautiful conformation for a rider looking for a breathtaking young horse to take up the levels.  Super walk and canter, with an trot that will need to be further developed.  Green yet safe and well behaved.  Also approved for breeding.

    • Price $$$$ or €€€€

2015 Firestone (Johnson) x Flemming Black Gelding 16.2-3

  • EDI Review:  Supurb quality for a professional or ambitious rider looking for their next FEI horse.  Phenomenal gaits, built very uphill and with a very active hindleg.  Just started under saddle so very green but of top quality.  Reeally successful bloodlines too. 

    • Price $$$$ or €€€€

Trained Horses

2012 Cachet x Harlem Bay Gelding 16.1h

  • EDI Review: One of the best six year olds on the market.  Everything is top quality.  Incredible gaits, super rideable, bombproof but forward, clean changes and an ease for the collected work.  Everything you need to go up the levels and definetly a FEI prospect.  A perfect horse for anyone or any age to ride. 

    • Price $$$$$ or €€€€€


2005 Don Crusador x Wanderer Gelding 16.2h

  • EDI Review: Super rideable and well trained schoolmaster for someone looking to learn to ride and get into the FEI arena.

    • Price $$$$$ or €€€€€

2004 Stedingerx Davignon 16.2h Gelding

  • EDI Review: Internationally confirmed GP schoolmaster for anyone looking to learn the GP or take him straight into a successful GP show.  He knows it all and can teach anyone to ride.  

    • Price $$$$$ or €€€€€